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Liugong Antarctic Dream is the dream and the glory of war

Views:636 Published:2015/9/25

September 22, BICES 2015-- 13th China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Seminar finally dressed in the eye opening.

9:30 am, with the sonorous sound of the Olympic Fou, melodious harps lute and sing and dynamic hot dance performances, Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. S225 booth was officially opened. On the new product launch ceremony, China Construction Machinery Association President Qi Jun, general manager of Anhui Forklift Group Yang Anguo, deputy general manager of Anhui Heli, Heli loaders branch general manager Zhang Ying rights and other company leaders attended the ceremony and made a speech speech live. After the new product launch ceremony, the Secretary-General Zhang Jie industrial vehicle branch visit booth new kind of car, and with the general manager Yang Anguo depth exchanges. After the ceremony, from CCTV, Beijing TV, Anhui TV and related media industry have conducted in-depth interviews, general manager of Yang Anguo. The first day of the exhibition, a number of long-term support at home and abroad, work together to develop a focus on customer arrived together booth negotiations.

As the world's forklift manufacturing quarterfinals, Chinese industrial vehicle industry's leading enterprises, Anhui Heli around the "world's top five, a hundred years together," the vision, through independent innovation, independent manufacture, independent brand and independent marketing, continued to lead the Chinese industrial vehicle industry industrial upgrading, technological progress and healthy development, relying on state-level enterprise technical centers, and always adhere to market-oriented, adhere to innovation and improving quality, management and efficiency, integrity management, steady development, upgrade and become China's largest and most chain complete, comprehensive strength and economic benefits of the best industrial vehicle R & D, manufacturing and sales base. The main economic indicators, since 1991, has been for 24 years to maintain the same industry first.

It is understood, Anhui Heli has more consecutive sessions exhibition BICES, each participating together all uphold the "people-oriented to quality social returns," the force's core values ​​and "revitalize national industry vehicles" commitment and play. This exhibition Anhui Heli to "smart innovative green energy" as the theme, to bring its internal combustion, electric, heavy equipment, storage of vehicles, loaders and other 14 new models and some high-quality casting masterpiece smitten, focus on appearance. Exhibition site, red and white booth layout at mini electric pallet stackers, electric medium and small tonnage internal combustion forklifts, and heavy haulage vehicle port especially against the background of dazzling, symbolizing the booming forklift future development; 3 Taiwan dressed "construction machinery yellow" force loaders and like brave soldiers dressed in gold armor, ready to go.

The exhibition, on booth together steel giant huge size - model RSH4532-Vo of 45 tons reachstacker much attention, representing together "smart" development concept. It uses CAN-BUS control structure WIZ computer through the engine, transmission, brakes, hydraulics and other systems spreader operation, unified, coordinated control; 6.5 inches large-screen color LCD bus interactive instruments, with convenient online monitoring, display, settings, query function; also include automatic diagnosis, automatic alarm and automatic protection. H3 series of 3 tons of internal combustion vehicles using advanced electronic control system, in achieving precise control of electron apart, can be customized according to application demand body engine specifications, adjust the technical parameters, has a unique self-diagnosis, monitoring and protection features. At the same time, together CBD20-470G 2 ton electric pallet truck is also equipped with a security intelligence of electronic power steering (EPS), when traveling on a curve can automatically slow down, smarter and more secure; protector of the cargo carrying body When running to the top of the fork, can effectively avoid mechanical shock; closed-loop control system, but also automatic parking ramp, prevent decline.
On the other hand, Anhui Heli again "joint innovation gene" made a perfect show and transfer. IV emission standards in line with Beijing Heli K Series 3 tons of internal combustion vehicles in the hood portion excellence, innovation using integrated hood, expanding the pilot legroom, reduced because of the hood and rear floor with the bad and cause the engine compartment noise leakage; opening angle of 80 ° greatly enhances the ease of maintenance operations, the new hood locking mechanism, synchronous lifting the hood open flexibility and reliability. The new two tons precursor three-wheel using special chain and new mast design maximizes pioneering vision. 2 tons electric pallet truck is by virtue of the fork out of the double-sided tray design and body slit automatic compensation system design, a pursuit of quality and perfection merchants chase favorite.
With environmental awareness growing, more and more enterprises pay more attention to environmental protection when developing products. The show, Anhui Heli developed and manufactured green products not only make cooing leading industry experts, it has also been blown away by environmentalists. Heli G Series 7 tons of internal combustion vehicles using liquefied natural gas as fuel, a mixture of a significant reduction in HC emissions of CO, emissions almost no SOx, Pb, carbon particles, can radically improve the quality of the environment, it is worth mentioning that the product comparable with tonnage of more than 30 percent lower diesel fuel costs. As the finale of Anhui Heli products 25 tons LNG same empty container stacker is a set of green economy, energy security is one of the new "big man"; body selected domestic famous brands of LNG cylinders, large capacity, mileage long, single once filled 12 hours of work to meet the demand. Lithium battery forklift 2.5 tons is by virtue of zero-emission, low noise, no heavy metals, no-drip corrosive, non-volatile acid mist and other advantages will force green philosophy to a new level.

The BICES exhibition, well-known manufacturer of construction machinery giant contending, all kinds of new construction machinery products have appeared contests. In addition to Anhui Heli With a full range of "fine" leading to other things machine manufacturers, the biggest bright spot is that the industrial vehicle out of the "high energy" of this vicious circle, the "smart innovative green" and "energy" organic integration, adhere to more energy, more efficient, more secure product user feedback, rebates society, return to nature. Front of the booth, fuel efficiency, the use of advanced intelligent electronic control system, which can greatly enhance the overall performance level to ensure a well-functioning equipment together H3 series forklift; 1-2 hour charge for 2-4 hours to meet job use, energy conversion rate up to 95% of the lithium battery forklift Heli; and carrying high-capacity battery, achieve synergies precursor longer single shift working hours to achieve a three-wheel truck ...... comprehensive coverage of the original product updates, and do not attract many customers flock Jedi came together with research and development technician performance, with sales staff to negotiate the purchase business. An upgrade Heli generations, a step by step to enhance product performance, a reflection of the "force" and for energy conservation pursued, heartfelt desire for efficiency. In the Heli product body, energy is not the end, always on the road. Future, together will play a more beautiful and spin.

In addition, the force's loader products also worth a visit. Wherein, 3450mm long wheelbase HL966-WS loaders, set impact resistance, load resistance, long life and other properties in one, specifically for the mining and other heavy-duty, harsh working conditions tailored. HL956II-SC1 loader machine radiator structure was further optimized, high-strength conditions of the engine temperature, transmission oil temperature and hydraulic oil temperature is more reasonable, and improve machine reliability. HL933II-CU loaders especially for cab each operating handle and seat location were optimized ergonomic design, is committed to the driver more comfortable, faster and more portable.